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Building Resources, Inc. is experienced in many aspects of the hospitality and retail construction process. Owners and architects have utilized BRI’s services during the pre-development phase to provide budgets and preconstruction services.

These services include: lease review, the financial planning, construction scheduling, and design development aspects of a project.building resources inc services construction project management rockville md 1

During the Owners lease negotiations, BRI has reviewed and provided valuable input as to the leased space condition. This input could lead to an Owner financial savings. In the design phase of the project, BRI has provided input for value engineering of design and construction means and methods in order to facilitate a cost effective project.

building resources inc services construction project management rockville md 2BRI has also provided inspection services to identify possible hidden conditions. These hidden conditions lead to costs that would impact an owner’s budget during the demolition portion of a project.

During a renovation of an existing facility BRI works with both the owner and Architect to determine cost effective ways to implement a project and minimize its effects on operations.

BRI has entered into contracts which have required a design build process with budget constraints as well as cost plus contracts which have allowed the owner greater financial flexibility given construction time constraints.

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